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Hacker Punk services are designed to help developers learn how to build AI applications for their organizations. There are thousands of potential use cases, and we’ve selected a few to help you get started with AI development. And its nurturing a grassroots movement of developers and data scientists to herald a new wave of discovery powered by machine learning.

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At Hacker Punk,
We are investing in two essential pillars to deliver this.

Artificial intelligence is a reliable tool for improving security goals thanks to facing recognition and ID that leverages computer vision. We provide AI & machine learning consulting for applying technologies to ensure privacy. This includes analyzing video streams to detect and blur faces, advertisements, license plates, and other personal data.

We use AI and machine learning to analyze operations data to determine the condition of equipment and machinery to prevent failures. This approach is designed to increase your efficiency by transitioning you from a calendar maintenance model to one based on the actual depreciation of the equipment.

Intelligent and efficient workflows

Hacker Punk Data Leveraging the Disruptive Power of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Technologies to Build AI, Empower your web product to change the world.

The approach we follow involves first getting an understanding of what the client is looking to achieve—and then coming up with options on how to achieve using relevant technologies and processes.

  • Hacker Punk Hybrid Cloud
  • Managed AI Cloud Services
  • Private AI Cloud
  • Data Engineering Services
  • DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure
  • AutoML (Driverless AI)
  • No-Code AI App Builder
  • Data Science Services
  • Data Preparation
  • Hacker Punk Hub

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Hacker Punk is the chosen solution for hundreds of industry leaders and software developers. Every package is consistently ranked, and code snippets and deployment information are included. Appropriately choose the right package to develop the next generation of your software.


One Platform. Thousands of Use Cases.


    Full suite of data preparation, data engineering, data labeling, and automatic feature engineering tools to accelerate time to insight.


    Award-winning Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) technology to solve the most challenging problems, including Time Series and Natural Language Processing.


    Industry-leading toolkit of explainable and responsible AI methods to combat bias and increase transparency into machine learning models.


    Deploy models in any environment and enable drift detection, automatic retraining, custom alerts, and real-time monitoring.


    hackerpunk Wave enables fast development of AI applications through an open-source, lightweight Python development framework.


    hackerpunk Hybrid Cloud enables data science teams to quickly share their applications with team members and business users, encouraging company-wide adoption.

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Common questions

*Some frequently asked questions by buyers. More

What are the pros of AI?

Since the hype generated for Artificial Intelligence in the modern era is humungous, it has a wide array of merits. Apart from the previously discussed massive job opportunities created by AI, it also has other pros, such as the completion of looping or repetitive tasks that humans need to perform without the disadvantage of a human-prone error. Artificial Intelligence, similar to a computer program, cannot tire and hence has the capacity to work all day long on a particular task until the desired results are accomplished. They have the ability to perform faster computations compared to human speed on a wide range of problems with precise results. They also have tons of real-life applications to make our daily lives simpler. The pros of Artificial Intelligence are self-explanatory and limitless.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is when a software or a particular model developed can perform complex tasks on its own without requiring any assistance from humans. The more formal definition of AI can be stated as follows: “The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” Artificial Intelligence is a humungous field of study consisting of various sub-fields, including machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing, and so much more. Artificial Intelligence is believed to be the technology of the future that can combat numerous problems in a variety of fields ranging from robotics, medical sciences, logistics and transportation, finances, and tons more utility services in industries. I would highly recommend checking out the following article about demystifying Artificial Intelligence from the link provided below to gauge a more superior understanding of this field.

Can AI take over the world?

Science fiction (Sci-fi) movies have changed some people’s perception of Artificial Intelligence. They imagine robots programmed with AI will become so powerful that they will eventually destroy their creator and destroy the entire world leading to the development of a new AI-controlled species. An intriguing storyline, but untrue for it to really occur anytime in the near future! It is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence has come a long way and developed into a unique feature of the modern world. Despite the advancements in AI, most of the tasks are still done under some kind of human supervision in the working or the development stages. Artificial Intelligence is also limited to be the particular task that it is programmed to complete. An interesting example is self-driving cars, where AI takes control of the car and drives it to the desired destination of the user’s choice. However, the AI is only limited to the driving of the car precisely and no other external tasks. So, for AI to take over the world, as shown in the sci-fi movies, we are still at least a few decades away from such an outcome. But, just to keep the curiosity around this speculation, it could eventually be possible in the future! Although currently, this is only fiction.

What are the cons of AI?

The construction of Artificial Intelligence models from scratch can sometimes be time-consuming and resourcefully exhaustive. If you are looking to develop a deep learning model on a normal computer without a GPU, your alternative would be to switch to a cloud platform because the building procedure of the model is not sustainable on your PC. Apart from consuming a lot of time and resources, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence models can also be quite expensive in some cases. Also, the maintenance costs in case of malfunctioning of the AI models in peculiar cases can be annoying to deal with and solve. Another significant demerit of Artificial Intelligence to consider is the lack of the use of Artificial General Intelligence to accomplish more superior and intellectual tasks. We are limited to Artificial Narrow Intelligence. ANI is beneficial and essential for performing numerous tasks, but it is not quite effective as AGI.